How Does A Tricep Function

How does a  tricep function?  As we work out and do daily activities, the triceps is one of the main muscles that we use, whether we lift  weights or not. The tricep function is to allow the forearm to move from a bent position to a straight position.

The triceps brachii  is a major muscle located in the  back of the upper arm and has three heads which are composed of the long head muscle, lateral head muscle and the medial head muscle. Locations for these muscles is as follows:

  • the long head muscle is the largest of the three heads and is at the bottom of the upper arm  bone
  • the lateral head faces the outward  sides of the upper arm bone 
  • the medial head is in the middle.

An eye-catching view of big tricep muscles is seen when looking at the arms of a bodybuilder. It takes a lot of arm flexion to achieve the goal of getting big arms, and the triceps are constantly worked out to achieve those big muscles. Bodybuilders also rely on supplements to help them gain muscle.  Each tricep function works together to give desirable results.

A good way to work your tricep muscles is to stand up in front of a wall, leaning forward with your hands apart, and pressing your torso away and back as if you are doing a push-up. This is great if you can't do push-ups on the floor. 

Another good way to use your tricep muscles is by using an overhead pulley. These are usually found at a gym

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