How Does Urine Leak Thru The Urethra

There are sexual and health reasons for asking yourself how does urine leak thru the urethra just when you wish it wouldn't. Young males are often concerned that urine may leak through the urethra together with semen. If you’re suffering from a urinary tract infection, you may find that urine leaks through the urethra with disturbing ease. Urine may also leak through the urethra when you exert stress that causes the sphincter muscle of your bladder to weaken. A look at human anatomy reveals how urine travels through the urinary tract system, and why it sometimes leaks through the urethra involuntarily.

How does urine leak through the urethra? The two kidneys, located at your lower back, are responsible for filtering liquid waste from your body and channeling it out through two ureters. The ureters are muscular tubes that propel urine out of the kidneys down into the bladder. The bladder then fills with urine but does not empty until the sphincter muscle restricting the exit from the bladder is released. At that point, urine is channeled through the urethra and drains away from the body.

What causes urine to leak through the urethra involuntarily? There are many medical reasons for urinary incontinence. In all cases, urine leaks through the urethra before a person is able to stop it. In cases of stress incontinence, the mere act of sneezing or coughing may cause the sphincter muscle to weaken its stricture on the bladder, resulting in urine leaking through the urethra. Constant urine leaks may be symptoms of spinal cord or urinary system injuries, or a person’s inability to empty his bladder completely resulting in some urine retreating from the urethra back into the bladder. In all cases, when a person experiences involuntary urine leaks through the urethra a consultation with a doctor is advisable.

Can urine leak through the urethra during male orgasms? During a male orgasm, semen will ejaculate through the urethra and out of the tip of the penis. Though urine also leaks through the urethra, the two events are physically separate and cannot happen simultaneously. When the ejaculatory ducts release sperm into the urethra, the sphincter muscle automatically tightens around the bladder and prevents all urine from entering the urethra. In this way, the male body regulates the passage of semen and urine through the urethra and prevents the two from occurring together.

As with all health issues, involuntary urine leaks through the urethra may indicate greater health problems from simple over-hydration to urinary tract infections or more serious ailments like bladder cancer or neurological disorders. Involuntary urine leaks through the urethra should not be taken lightly. If the problem persists, consult your doctor.

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