How Does Vasectomy Work?

Birth control is an issue that affects both men and women, so many men out there are beginning to ask, "How does a vasectomy work? Is it worth getting?" While the idea sounds scary because, after all, it is a surgery, it's actually a very common, simple procedure.

Definition A vasectomy is an operation in which sperm is prevented from entering semen. How does a vasectomy work? The sperm is stopped when the tubes, called the vas deferens, carrying the sperm are blocked, and this prevents sperm from ever leaving the body. The sperm are still created in the testes, but because they have no place to go, they are simply reabsorbed by the body. The operation is less risky than sterilization of females, and it is usually an outpatient surgery.

Effectiveness Vasectomies do work, but they are not immediately effective because sperms are all throughout the vas deferens tubes. Whenever the tubes become blocked, there are still sperm on the other side. It can sometimes take up to three months for the vasectomy to become effective. In the meantime, there is a semen analysis that can be done at your doctor's office that tells you whether or not your semen is cleared of sperm.

Who can have one? Any man who wants to become sterilized and have no children is a good candidate. However, many doctors are hesitant on performing vasectomies on young men who have no children. Even though vasectomies can usually be reversed, it's a better idea to only have one if you're absolutely sure you want no children.

What happens during the actual operation? Depending on your doctor, you may receive a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic. Most vasectomies nowadays use locals. You will lie back on a surgical table where the doctor will inject the local anaesthetic into your scrotum so you feel no pain. He will make an incision in your scrotum, and through that, he will find your vas, a tube that carries the sperm, and he will cut it and seal off the ends. After that, he will find the other tube and do the same thing. He will stitch up your scrotum, or possibly glue it. Sometimes, they now use the dissolvable stitches. The whole procedure is over within fifteen minutes, and the pain later will only feel like discomfort.

After the vasectomy After the operation, you may want to wear a jock strap or cup to support your scrotum as you feel a bit sore and possibly bruised. Many men report that hot bathes soothe any pain or discomfort. You should avoid any strenuous activity or lifting during the healing period.

Do vasectomies affect s ex?Some men get the idea that vasectomies will make them impotent or change the way they perform. They don't. The only thing a vasectomy that changes is the fact that there is no longer sperm in your semen. In fact, the semen, to the human eye, will not appear or feel any differently than it did before. Nothing is changed except for the fact that you will no longer be able to sire children (after the initial three months, that is).



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