How Does Vizio HDTV Compare To Sony HDTV?

So, you're considering buying a new HDTV and you're asking this question, "How does Vizio HDTV compare to Sony HDTV?" Well, here we're not only going to tell you which brand is the better of the two, but also tell you why it is so. In the past, Vizio used to not be a very well known company while Sony has been around for ages. Now, Vizio is becoming more known because of their great products.

  1. The best of the two brands. Overall, the best out of the two brands is Vizio HDTV. Most of you will say, "But Sony's been known for much longer. Surely it's the better brand!" However, it's not the better brand. Here, we're going to explain why.
  2. The cost is much better in general. For most Vizio HDTV products, the cost is very good for the features that the HDTVs have. A model of Vizio HDTV will cost quite a bit less than a similar model Sony HDTV. When talking about models, we're talking in terms of features, sound quality, screen size, etc.
  3. Picture quality is also excellent. To the untrained eye, it won't make much different unless you're buying a TV with a large screen size and with 1080p HD. Of course, Sony could also sell as good image quality, however the price of excellent image quality is better with Vizio HDTVs.
  4. Audio quality is quite good. The sound quality in general is better than Sony's HDTVs. There's also no distortion at high levels as well. You can also plug in some surround sound speakers like most people do as well.
  5. Easy to set up! To those that are not see handy with electronics like HDTVs, this will ease up on the headaches. The Vizio HDTVs are ridiculously easy to set up!
  6. The con. When watching a show that is a bit dark with lots of shadows, you might notice that the darker areas appear unusually darker than they usually are with other HDTV's. This could make it a little harder to see the details. Sony HDTVs have are better However, this is the only con that we have found.
  7. Overall. Overall, the Vizio HDTVs are better almost all around except for the one con that was listed above. The Vizio HDTVs are a great bang for you buck and we completely recommend them over the Sony HDTVs!
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