How To Donate Sperm

Any male looking to make some easy extra cash should know how to donate sperm. Donating sperm has been known to be a very long process. When donating sperm, do not expect it to instantly happen. It usually takes eight weeks to six months to get a reply, depending on where you apply to. There are different ways to apply to a sperm bank. You will either get a package in the mail that will have to be filled out and sent back, or you will have to go to the actual bank to answer the question. Also, only five percent of men that apply to donate sperm actually get accepted. You have to give a blood sample, get a genetic analyst and a physical. There are a few things that will be asked when you donate sperm.  Depending how you answer determines if you get accepted.

Some of things you will be asked are:

  • If you have any history of disease in your family. Some of these diseases include cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.
  • Your family history. Mainly they want to know about any diseases any family members had in the past.
  • They will ask for a sperm sample. They will take a sperm count and examine your sperm for any deformities.
  • Any illegal drug use.
  • If you are ages 18-30.
  • They will ask you if you've visited any areas where AIDS is apparent and if you had sex with anyone from that area.
  • You will also have to commit to getting a follow up exam every six month if you continue to donate sperm.

 Now that you have some idea of what you will be asked, it's time to look for an actual sperm bank and start donating:

  1. Ask your doctor or look in your local phone book for a state approved sperm bank.
  2. Get in contact with the bank and set up an appointment to get evaluated.
  3. They will ask you to give them a semen sample at their office.
  4. Give them a blood sample and a full medical examination.
  5. Fill out the paper work, this will include the information covered above in the bullet pointed list. Also, read the contract very carefully and understand what your obligations as a sperm donor.

Donating sperm is an easy way to get money. It's also a way to help out families who are having a hard time conceive a child. Remember to ask your sperm bank any questions you have and if anything becomes abnormal with your semen.

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