How To Double Pleasure

If you're trying to figure out how to double pleasure for your lady in the bedroom, then your best bet is to let go of a few sexual prejudices you may have. A man that can open his eyes to new ways to please his woman is a man that can double pleasure for her quite easily. A man that can develop an intuitive position to what his woman likes is also the man that can double her pleasure quite easily. A man that knows how to listen to his woman and respond accordingly, could not only double pleasure for her, he could potentially give her the best sex of her life. Guys are born equipped with the necessary things to please women sexually. It's just that a lot of you don't incorporate any creativity along with your equipment. Well, that ends today. Here's how to double pleasure for her in the bedroom. You'll wonder why you didn't think of this before.

  1. Foreplay. Enough can not be said about this. A lot of you guys out there only use foreplay to get her to the point to where she can please you. Not only is this selfish, it's just plain stupid. Foreplay is the time when you get to explore her. It's the time when you get to figure out what makes her tick. Women have way more erogenous areas than guys do, so the possibility to double her pleasure, no triple, even quadruple her pleasure is very real. You just have to put in the necessary work involved. Take your time figuring out how to push her buttons. Oh, and here's a hint. Foreplay never ends… and it starts way before you even hit the bedroom.
  2. All about her. If you want to double her pleasure, then sex should be all about her. Focus all of your energies, and creativity in figuring out how to please her. Don't worry about yourself at all. You know, just as well as the next guy, a sexually pleased woman will have no problem returning the favor.
  3. Toys. Don't fear her toys. Create alliances with them. It'll take a little creativity on your part, but you'll figure it out. Think of all the simultaneous ways you can stimulate her by adding one of her favorite stand-in B.O.B.s (battery operated boyfriends) to the mix. Dude, you'd better get to the store and stock up on batteries. It'll be a fun night.
  4. Going down. Yeah, you knew it was coming. Sexual penetration isn't the only way to please your girl. It's 2010, you'd better step your game up. The clitoris is a stimulation warehouse. It's up to you to unlock all those great feelings. You're not just trying to double pleasure for her. You're trying to break her down.
  5. Pay attention. Learn how to read her body. Learn how to listen to her. Heavy breathing is good. Moaning is good. If she's laying there like she died two days ago, then you're not hitting the spots buddy. Keep on going till you figure out what she likes.
  6. The most important tip of them all. Communication. All things are possible through communication. Ask her what she likes. Ask her how you can make it better. The smart man knows that it's better to ask and get it right, then to spend an hour kissing her in the wrong places and getting no response. Plus, asking questions shows that you're taking a genuine interest in her sexual gratification. She'll love it. But, you better listen to her suggestions.
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