How To Download Aircraft On FSX

Learning how to download aircraft on FSX can greatly increase your gaming experience. Learning how to download aircraft on FSX will enable you to enjoy an entire lineup of additional aircraft all with their own characteristics. When you learn how to download aircraft on FSX, you will be able to download and use many different aircraft available for free on the internet. New aircrafts that you learn how to download on FSX feature new cockpits, models and new flying mechanics making FSX a lot more enjoyable than with just the stock aircraft.

  1. Download aircraft. Visit one of the many websites available on the internet to download aircraft on FSX. Consider a website such as the one in the reference which has a huge selection of downloadable aircraft. Create a free account, if necessary, to download the free aircraft on FSX. Save the aircraft zip file to the desktop of your computer.
  2. Unzip aircraft. Double click the aircraft zip file downloaded in step one to open it. Locate the four folders inside the zip file: "Model", "Panel", "Sound" and "Texture." Create a new folder on the desktop of your computer with the name of the aircraft. Move the four folders inside the zip file into the new folder you just created on the desktop. You should now have a folder on the desktop named after your aircraft, inside the four folders from the zip file, each with its own contents. Repeat this step for each aircraft you wish to download on FSX.
  3. Copy the aircraft to FSX. Copy the aircraft folders on your desktop into the FSX folder. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X." Open the folder "SimObjects" and then open the folder "Aircraft." Copy the aircraft folders from your desktop to this aircraft folder.
  4. Use aircraft on FSX. Launch FSX as you normally would. Select the aircraft by manufacturer and aircraft model on FSX as you normally would when using FSX. Select the new aircraft on FSX to try each one out. Download the new aircraft on FSX using the above steps.


Always maintain the directory structure specified when copying an aircraft to use on FSX.

Download aircraft designed for use on FSX and not for older versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Search the internet using major search engines to find more download locations for aircrafts to use on FSX.



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