How To Download Free Apps On IPhone

If you want to learn how to download free apps for your iPhone, it is easy to get started.  You only need to access the App Store from your iPhone so you can search for and download free apps.  You have a few options for searching for free apps.  You can view the Top 25 or Top 50 free apps, or you can search for apps by keyword or category to find free apps to download.

  1. Turn on your iPhone.  Press the "Power" button on top of the iPhone to turn it on.
  2. Access the App Store.  Tap the "App Store" button.  It should be on the first page of app listings unless you moved it.  You can search for and download apps here.
  3. Search for free apps.  When the App Store opens, tap "Top 25" and then tap "Top Free."  A list of the Top 25 free apps will be displayed.  At the bottom of the list, you can tap "Show Top 50" to view the Top 50 free apps. 
  4. Browse for apps by category.  Tap the "Category" button to browse apps by category.  For example, you can view apps in the "Games" or "Entertainment" categories.  Some apps will have a price beside them and others will have "FREE" by the app name.  Tap one of the free apps to view the app details. 
  5. Browse for apps by keyword.  Tap the "Search" button and enter keywords describing an app you would like to download.  Select any of the free apps to download. 
  6. Download a free app.  After you find a free app to download, tap the app to view the details.  Tap the blue "FREE" button and then tap "INSTALL." 
  7. Enter your iTunes password.  Before the free app can begin downloading, you must enter your iTunes password.  Tap "OK" after entering the password.  The free app will begin downloading.


Apple: How to Download Apps



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