How To Download GTA 3

Knowing how to download GTA 3 onto your computer will allow you to play it whenever you want. When you go through third party websites, you will even be able to play the game for free. "GTA" stands for "Grand Theft Auto," and the third game in the series is called “GTA: San Andreas.” When compared to the previous two "Grand Theft Auto" games, the third game has been the most popular, and the demand to download the game onto computers has been continuing to increase.

  1. Go to a website that offers a "GTA 3" download. Some of these websites include, or Navigate to the “GTA 3” page of the website.
  2. Find the download option for your computer. The options are generally for Windows or Mac computers, and there may be lists for different versions of the operating systems.
  3. Click the “Download” options from the website. This option can come in a variety of phrases, such as “Download Now,” “Download GTA 3” or “Download GTA 3 San Andreas.”
  4. Read through any terms and conditions for the website. Before you can download "GTA 3," you may have to agree to the websites terms and conditions. Read them carefully, and continue with the download if you agree.
  5. Download any add-ons needed for "GTA 3." With some third party websites, you will need to download their add-ons to your computer. This is part of the way that you can get the game for free.
  6. Allow the programs to run on your computer. The "GTA 3" program, as well as any add-ons, will have to download onto your computer. This could take several minutes. Once the download is complete, you will be able to play "GTA 3" on your computer.
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