How To Download Gta San Andreas For PSP

Knowing how to download GTA San Andreas for PSP will allow you to play the game for free whenever you want to. GTA stands for "Grand Theft Auto," and "San Andreas" is the third game in this particular series. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable, and it’s a particular gaming system within the PlayStation series of game consoles. Once you download "GTA San Andreas" for PSP, you can enjoy hours of gaming fun.

  1. Visit a third party website that offers a "GTA San Andreas" download for PSP. A third party website will allow you to download the game. Some examples include and
  2. Create an account with the website if necessary. Some third party websites will require or recommend that you create an account with them. This will make future downloads a much easier process. To create an account, you will likely have to enter a unique username and password and supply your email address.
  3. Go to the website page that has "GTA San Andreas" for PSP. Generally, you will be able to scroll through a list of PSP games that can be downloaded, or you can search the site specifically for “GTA San Andreas for PSP.”
  4. Scan your computer for possible system errors if necessary. This will help the download process go more smoothly using the third party website. Somewhere on the screen, you will find a scan button. Click it to complete the scan.
  5. Click the “Download” button once you’re ready to download "GTA San Andreas" for PSP. Sometimes, this will take you to another screen where you have to agree to the third party website’s terms and conditions and click “Download” again.
  6. Click “Run” to complete the download process. Typically, a window will appear on your screen that asks if you want to “Run,” “Save” or “Cancel.” Choose the “Run” option to complete the download "GTA San Andreas" for PSP. The actual download process could take a few minutes.
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