How To Download Movies From Internet

Want to save yourself some money by learning how to download movies from the internet? Times have changed. A few decades ago the only way to watch a full-length feature film was to go to the movie theater. This is no longer true. It's now possible to watch movies at home for free by downloading the movies from the internet, and it's easy to do! Many free-movie websites also offer free episodes of television shows to watch when it's convenient for you.

To download movies from the internet, you will need:

  • A computer
  • An active internet connection
  1. Log on to the internet. Do a search for free movie downloads. Several options will appear. Select one of the websites that shows up; there will be a lot to choose from, so many sure you select one that will allow you to watch the movies you want for free.
  2. Create an account. You will most likely need to open an account with the website you decide to use to download movies. At the website of your choice, create an account. This will involve entering your email address and a password. Write these down so you don't forget them, if needed.
  3. Search the site for a link to the movies available for download. Check out the movies shown or use the search box to find specific movie titles. Enter the name of a movie, such as "Flyboys" or "100 Girls" into the search bar.
  4. Click on the image or movie name to watch it. The movie will appear on your computer screen. A short advertising trailer will probably play before the movie begins. Use the play, pause, rewind, fast forward and stop buttons on the computer screen as you would on a remote control.
  5. Put movies in your queue. When you have time, take a few minutes to search the website and add movie titles to your queue so they're ready the next time you want to download movies from the internet.



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