How To Download Movies

Need to know how to download movies? There are many websites where you can download movies, but many of them are illegal. If you want to learn how to download movies to your computer without worrying about copyright infringement, here are a few movie websites that are legal and very easy to use. This guide will tell you how to download movies at each site.

Amazon on Demand. Amazon has it all when it comes to movies. You can buy them, watch them online or download movies to your computer or portable device. Amazon has all of the hits and new releases as well as oldies but goodies. These movies are at decent prices, and Amazon can be trusted to provide you with only top quality movies. Here is how to download movies at Amazon on Demand:

  1. You have to have an account to download movies. If you already have one, then great. If not, get one.
  2. To download movies at Amazon on Demand you need to download the Unbox Video Player. The player is free and comes with everything you might need, including Windows Media Player 11, if your computer does not already have it. Click the button to download the Unbox Video Player and follow the step-by-step directions.
  3. When filling out the information for the video player, keep in mind that only certain portable devices can be used. This includes Archos, Creative Zen and Nokia portable devices, but not iPods. Only choose "yes—download portable video files" if you have one and intend to use it. Otherwise, files take longer to download.
  4. Once the Unbox Player is fully installed you can begin to download movies. Purchase downloadable movies from the Amazon on Demand website and they will automatically download to your computer and save to the folder you chose while installing the Unbox Video Player. From the player, choose the movie you downloaded, sit back and enjoy.

EZTakes. If you want to know how to download movies that are rare but are still great, and get them for free, then go to EZTakes. Here is how to download movies at this freebie site:

  1. Browse the collection of over 5,000 movies, many of them free. Choose a movie to download and follow the checkout process. The Download Manager will automatically download to your computer once you have finished the checkout process.
  2. The Download Manager is not what you watch the movies onyou still need a DVD playerbut the Download Manager is an amazing tool. It allows you to keep track of all the movies you have downloaded, as well as browse the store and download movies right from the manager. Also, EZTake movies are DRM-free, so you can burn them to DVDs or transfer them to iPods all through the Download Manager.

MovieFlix. Leaning how to download movies at MovieFlix is incredibly easy. MovieFlix has tons of rare and B-movies that are free to watch. Or, you can watch every movie on the site by paying a subscription fee. Here is how to download movies at MovieFlix:

  1. Join the website for free. Follow the step-by-step process and become a member in no time.
  2. Pick and choose from the many movie choices to download. Click "download" below the movie and it will automatically download to your computer and save to the folder of your choice.
  3. Watch the movie on the Windows Media Player or Real Player. MovieFlix does not require you to download any video players of download managers. Just click, download, and watch.



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