How To Download Music To My Blackberry 8830

Your can make calls, surf the web, get your email and even rock a few tunes once you know how to download music to your BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition). Your BlackBerry comes equipped with a media player that can play songs loaded on your phone. The on-board memory is limited, and the BlackBerry 8830 runs smoother with a larger amount of available memory. Using a mini-SD card to hold your media, such as photos, videos and music, will free up that memory for your other applications.

Downloading music to your BlackBerry 8330 requires:

  • Mini-SD card
  • USB cable for BlackBerry
  • Computer with music files
  1. Connect your BlackBerry 8830 to your computer using the USB cable. Your BlackBerry comes with this cable. When you connect, your BlackBerry will prompt you to enter “Mass Media Mode”; select “Yes.”
  2. If you do not wish to connect your BlackBerry directly, simple remove the mini-SD card. Using a card reader and a mini-SD card adapter, you can connect the memory card directly to your computer. This will simulate the same situation as “Mass Media Mode.”
  3. Click on the “My Computer” icon on your computer to see your files. You will need two of the file manager windows open. Size them so that they are small enough to see both at one time.
  4. In one of the My Computer file manager windows, navigate to the folder where your music files are stored. Often, this is in My Documents. If you use iTunes, you may find them under iTunes Music. Locate all the files you wish to download onto your BlackBerry 8330.
  5. In the second open My Computer window and look for the lettered drive of your BlackBerry, or your mini-SD card. It will appear as a lettered drive and have the words “Removable Drive” along side of it. Double click to go into that drive letter.
  6. Click inside the folder labeled “BlackBerry.” Then click on the “Music” folder. This is where you will need to download all your music files for your BlackBerry 8830 media player to find them.
  7. Drag and drop music files from the window with your music files into the window for your BlackBerry music. Click and hold on a file, sliding your mouse to drop it into the open folder window. This is why it is easier if you can see both windows at once. You can transfer as many, or as few, music files as you wish.

Remember, the larger your mini-SD card, the more music you can download. Check the owner manual for your BlackBerry 8830 to see the maximum size mini-SD card you can use.

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