How To Download Music Ringtones To Nokia 1600

You want to personalize ringtones on your Nokia phone and need to know how to download music ringtones to a Nokia 1600. Personalizing ringtones makes it easy to identify who the caller is without even having to look at your phone. Your phone comes with pre loaded ringtones but they are not always the best options. When you download ringtones to your Nokia 1600, it allows for you to be able to pick and choose the ringtones that you love. Downloading ringtones is not as difficult as some people may think and can be done in a few steps.

To download music ringtones to a Nokia 1600 phone you will need:

  • computer (with internet access)
  • Nokia 1600
  • SD card or USB cord (optional)
  1. Locate a ringtone download website. You can do a search in the search engine for "free ringtones" to locate a ringtone downloaded website that is compatible with your Nokia 1600.
  2. Find a ringtone you want to download by searching the database of music ringtones until you find a ringtone(s) you would like.
  3. Select the ringtone as is or customize it to make it your own. Once you find a ringtone you have the option to select it and start the downloading process or customize it first. If you choose to customize a ringtone click "Customize," then follow the directions to do so. Otherwise, just select download ringtone.
  4. Download the ringtone to your Nokia 1600 phone by selecting download then following the prompts. You will be given the options to either download the ringtone to your PC or do a direct download to your phone. If you choose to download the ringtone to your PC you will need either a SD card or a USB cord to transfer the ringtone file from your PC to your phone.
  5. Confirm the download to your Nokia 1600. Once the download is complete for your ringtone, from the main menu go to "My Stuff" file, then go to your "Music" file on your phone and select "Ringtones." Your downloaded ringtone should now appear on your phone. You can now set your ringtone to your contacts.
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