How To Download Netflix Movies On Xbox 360

It's pretty easy to figure out how to download netflic movies on a Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 has united gamers and movie watchers. Microsoft has partnered with Netflix to make it easier for users to download their favorite movies right on the Xbox 360. Here are a few easy steps that you should follow to download Netflix movies on the Xbox 360.

To download Netflix movies on the Xbox 360, you will need:
  • An Xbox 360 
  • Netflix membership
  • Xbox 360 Live Gold membership
  • Highspeed Internet connection
  1. Get your memberships. Firstly, the Netflix service that you can use by way of the Xbox 360 is not free. You will need to get a Netflix membership before you are able to began downloading movies onto your Xbox 360. Then you will also need to get a Xbox 360 Live Gold membership.
  2. Activation code. Once you have become a member with Xbox Live Gold and Netflix you can download the Netflix application onto your Xbox. This will then give you an activation code that you will need to begin downloading Netflix Movies on the Xbox 360.
  3. Go to Once there enter your activation code, and you can begin downloading Netflix movies onto your Xbox 360.
Now you do not have to drive those ten or more miles to the nearest blockbuster. You can enjoy a huge selection of DVD’s right from the comfort of your home, by downloading movies on your Xbox 360. It's time to put this guide to use, and begin watching all the new releases.
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