How To Download Oblivion

Knowing how to download Oblivion is a must for all the gaming fanatics out there. Oblivion, 4th in the series of Elder Scrolls, is a first person, role playing game (RPG) that takes game play to another level. With its outstanding graphics and easy availability on all consoles, almost everyone wants to know how to download Oblivion. There are a number of ways to download Oblivion. I have tried to explain the relatively easier quicker way to download oblivion.  

Tools and materials required to download Oblivion:

  • All you need is your Personal Computer (PC)!
  1. Downloading Oblivion first requires you to download U Torrent. It is a program that enables you to download torrents (a file type that assists file sharing across networks). 
  2. The next step is to download Daemon tools. You simply go to the Daemon official website and click the download option.
  3. You would also need to download WinRAR for the extraction of the compressed files later. If you have Windows Vista you would need to download 32-bit and if you have Windows XP you would need to download 64-bit. WinRAR could be downloaded by searching for Rar Lab and downloading.
  4. The next step involves downloading the Oblivion torrent. There are various ways but you could download the torrent using Pirate Bay. Select games and type oblivion and it will display a number of options. Next click SE (series). The more series there are, the faster you download. Click the torrent and hit download.
  5. Once you have successfully downloaded Oblivion torrent go to wherever you have downloaded it. Click it. It will open with U Torrent. Make sure all the options displayed are checked. You will then download Oblivion, the complete game.
  6. Once the game is downloaded, open up the destination folder. It will show a number of similar compressed files. Click anyone of those and the computer will open the files using WinRAR. Click the file and extract it to wherever you want it to.
  7. Once extracted, right click Daemon Tools icon in the toolbar in the bottom right of your screen. Locate wherever you’ve downloaded and extracted the game. It will automatically install the game.
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