How To Download Pivot Stick Figures

When you learn how to download Pivot Stick Figures, you will be able to create amazing stick figure animations like you never thought possible. The software is called Pivot Stick Figure Animator, often shortened to just Pivot, and it’s a free software program offered through the Windows operating system. Not only can you create even and consistently sized stick figures, but you can also make them move with the Pivot Stick Figure software one you download it.

  1. Find a third party website that offers a download for the Pivot Stick Figures animation program. The Pivot Stick Figures can only be downloaded from third party websites. Some examples of such sites including, Snap and
  2. Search the website for the Pivot Stick Figures download option. These third party websites sometimes provide users with a list of software programs that can be downloaded. You can also utilize the “Search” boxes on the websites to find “Pivot Stick Figure Animator.”
  3. Click on the “Download” button or icon. This icon will likely be found on the screen multiple times. Click to start the process of downloading Pivot Stick Figure Animator.
  4. Make sure the “Download” button or icon took you to the free download page. You can download Pivot Stick Figure Animator for free. You may have to click “Download” again or a “click here” option if the Pivot Stick Figures program download does not start right away.
  5. Click “Run” if the “File Download window appears on your computer. Some third party websites for Pivot Stick Figure Animator will require you to “Run” the program before it can be downloaded.
  6. Wait for the Pivot Stick Figures program to download onto your computer. This process can sometimes take several seconds to several minutes, depending on the processing speed of your computer and your internet connection. Once the download is complete, you can start using the Pivot Stick Figure Animator program.



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