How To Download Quicktime To Blackberry 8330

If you have ever tried to playback a QuickTime file on your BlackBerry you're probably wondering how to download QuickTime to your BlackBerry 8330. The Blackberry 8330 does not support playback of QuickTime files by default. There are no upgrades to enable QuickTime and there appears to be no plans to add QuickTime functionality to the Blackberry 8330. No hacks, modifications or third-party software is capable of playing QuickTime on the BlackBerry 8330. Essentially, there is no way to download QuickTime to your Blackberry. The only method is to convert the files from the QuickTime format to another format before downloading them to your BlackBerry 8330. Here is quick guide to get started on how to convert files from QuickTime format for viewing on your Blackberry 8330.

What you will need:

  • Computer (running Windows)
  • Freeware 3GP converter
  1. Download 3GP converter. Using your favorite search engine to find and download the 3GP converter. The download should not take very long and will allow you to convert your QuickTime files to 3GP for downloading onto your BlackBerry.
  2. Convert the files. Launch the 3GP converter. Select the QuickTime files you wish to convert. This may take several minutes but the results will be usable 3GP video for your BlackBerry.
  3. Copy the files to a memory card. Copy the 3GP files to a memory card for your BlackBerry.
  4. Place memory card in BlackBerry. Insert the memory card into your BlackBerry and view the video files. The resulting 3GP files are similar to your original QuickTime files only you can play them on the BlackBerry 8330.

Additional Information:

  • There are no known plans to develop QuickTime for the BlackBerry 8330.
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