How To Download Starcraft 2

Learning how to download "Starcraft II" is as simple as a click of the mouse. To download "Starcraft II" you will need a few things. Those thongs will be discussed below. "Starcraft II" is a very popular online gamine universe developed and owned by Blizzard Entertainment. "Starcraft" itself has been a popular online gaming environment for many years. "Starcraft II" has proven to be a solid extension of the base game. So, get your mouse clicking button ready to download "Starcraft II."

What you will need to accomplish this:

  • PC or MAC (64 MB RAM, Pentium II and an OS of XP, Vista or Mac X 3.2.9)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Internet
  • account (see below)
  • Credit card
  1. First, you must register a account. Register yourself. The process is simple, using real world information and an email address to activate.
  2. Next, at select the “games” option at the top of the page. It will route you to a new page where you can select "Starcraft II." Select the option to ‘buy it now.’ You will be routed a gain to a new page. Here you can select "Starcraft II digital purchase.”
  3. Once you select "Starcraft II digital purchase" you can proceed to check out. You will be prompted for your information and of course method of payment. This is by credit card (debit as well) or PayPal. make your payment and the download will begin automatically.
  4. When complete you can activate the "Starcraft II" account and begin play. This is done through and choose your game option. "Starcraft II" has been digitally downloaded to your computer and is ready to play.

Recommendations: Upgrade your RAM to at least 1 GB and invest in a gaming headset and a gaming communication platform such as Ventrillo.

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