How To Download Wii Games For Free

Do you need to know how do download Wii games for free? Readers looking for a way to violate the program developer’s copyrights should look elsewhere. All the instructions contained in this article let the reader know how to play games on the Homebrew channel. Nintendo does not care for people running open source applications on the console.

To download Wii games for free you will need:

  • An SD Card Reader
  • An SD Card
  • A Windows, Linux, or Macintosh PC

To install the Homebrew Channel and play free Wii games:

  1. Check your Wii’s Firmware version. The Homebrew software will not work with some versions of the console’s firmware. When Nintendo updates the firmware, A Wii may find that his system becomes bricked and unusable. Users who experience this must either know how to fix the console themselves or send it to a repair center
  2. Download the Homebrew software onto the SD card. If your PC does not have an SD card reader, you may need to buy one that plugs into your USB ports. Most netbooks come with built in SD card readers.
  3. Put the SD Card into the Wii. Turn on the console and enter yes when the Wii asks you if you want to install boot.dol/elf. Let the program run and reboot the console.

To play free games you downloaded onto Your Wii:

  1. Download the games you want to play from the Homebrew channel site. Save them to the desktop. Move the file from the desktop to your SD card. Make sure to place it in the Apps folder.
  2. Unzip the file in the Apps folder. Remove the SD card from your PC SD card reader and place it in the SD slot in the Wii.
  3. Start the Wii Console and enter the Homebrew Channel. Enter the software and select the load a game option. The system brings up a menu of Homebrew applications on the SD card and onto the Wii directly.

No one should ever break international copyright law and use these instructions to download games illegally. That's just wrong, you know?

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