How To Drain A Coleman Hot Tub

Looking for how to drain a Coleman hot tub? You're at the right spot! Coleman hot tubs are a bit different to drain than most other hot tubs as the hose attachment drain is actually in the access panel instead of being located on the exposed bottom of the tub. It's still not difficult though to drain the tub for maintenance if you have the right tools and know a few tips.

To drain a Coleman hot tub, you will need:

  • A simple garden hose. Make sure that the hose is long enough to run the drained water to a suitable part of the yard. Do not run the drained water anywhere near the foundation of the house unless you prefer a wet basement.
  • A shop vacuum.
  • A very large sponge, such as would be used to wash a car
  1. Locate and open the Coleman hot tub access panel. The panel should be right under the location of the hot tub controls. Inside the access panel should be a black one inch hose attachment which is your Coleman hot tub drain port.
  2. Attach one side of the garden hose to the drain port. Run the other end of the hose as far away from your house and the hot tub as you can get. Since there will be chemicals in the hot tub's draining water, do not drain into a vegetable garden.
  3. Twist the drain port lever (it should be to the right of the drain port) to start the draining. Once you turn the drain port lever, check that water is coming out the other end of the garden hose. It might take two or so hours to drain a Coleman hot tub.
  4. Once the water in the hot tub is drained as much as possible, use the shop vac and sponge to get any remaining water from the inside of the hot tub. If you're storing the Coleman hot tub for a season, make sure the inside is as dry as possible by leaving the top off so it will dry or swabbing the inside with dry towels.
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