How To Drain A Rectal Abscess

Do you need to know how to drain a rectal abscess? A rectal abscess is a pocket of pus that has formed due to a bacterial infection. An abscess of the rectum can be very uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even painful. There is no ignoring a rectal abscess, every time you sit down you will be reminded of its presence. Rectal abscesses can happen to anyone at any age. Below is a list of what you will have to do to drain your rectal abscess.

  1. See a doctor immediately. A rectal abscess may not be life threatening, but why wait to take care of a problem that is very simple to correct? Your rectal abscess will have to be lanced and drained by a doctor. The procedure is painless and fairly quick, you should be out of the doctor's office in less than an hour. The doctor will have your cheeks spread wider than you ever imagined, and you may suffer a little chill back there, along with some embarrassment up front. When the doctor is finished draining your rectal abscess he/she will put a wick in the incision to further drain the abscess. You may have a follow-up visit to the doctor to have the wick removed, this is another painless procedure that takes a few seconds.
  2. Possible future prevention. Keep the inside of your buttocks and your rectum as clean as possible. Wipe carefully after every bowel movement to prevent irritation that may become infected later on. Wash the inside of your buttocks with soap and water after every bowel movement to remove any traces of feces. If you have to defecate away from home, wet some toilet paper and take it into the stall with you to wash afterwards.

Remember, never ever attempt to drain your rectal abscess yourself, you will do more damage than good. A rectal abscess like any abscess is an infection, if left untreated it will only get worse.

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