How To Draw 3D Letters

Learning how to draw 3D letters is very easy and so much fun to do.  It doesn’t take a lot of skill and you don’t have to be an artist. There are so many different things you can do with 3D letters such as shading, coloring, etc. All it takes to start is a pencil and a ruler if you need one. Using 3D letters is a great way to express yourself and it doesn’t take a lot of time. The guide below will show you how to draw 3D letters.

  1. Draw the letters.  Don’t draw the letter close to the top of the page to give you room to turn it into a 3D letter. The letter should be written larger than you would normally write.
  2. Outline. Outline the letter by putting a block outline approximately a quarter of an inch in width.
  3. Create contour. With small slanting lines connect the inner line of the letter to the block around it.
  4. Shading. To get the 3D effect think of a source of light directed onto the letters. You will next shade the sides of the letter that face away from the light. You now have a 3D letter.
  5. Different effects. You can shade in different areas of the letters to see the different effects. You can also shade in different colors to get different effects.

Now that you have learned how to draw 3D letters there are more things you can do with them with a lot of practice!



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