How To Draw A Bugatti

Learning how to draw a Bugatti isn't very hard with the right tools. The Bugatti Veyron is one of today's fastest street legal production cars available for sale, able to achieve speeds of up to 253.5 miles per hour. This vehicle costs roughly $1.5 million and comes standard with a quad-turbo charged W16 engine that displaces an incredible 1001 horsepower at the wheels. You can how to draw a Bugatti by following these simple steps.

To draw a Bugatti, you'll need:

  • Picture of Bugatti Veyron
  • Straight Edge
  • Hard lead pencil
  • 8.5 by 11 inch paper
  • Circle template
  • Soft lead pencil
  • Eraser
  1. Locate a photo of a Bugatti Veyron at a side angle. Ensure that you can perfectly see the outline of the body of the vehicle as if you were standing about 15 feet away from the car. It's best to find a picture of the car in white so that you can see all the details.
  2. Draw the outline of the car, using a straight edge and freehand, on a sheet of paper turned horizontally with a hard lead pencil. Be sure and continuously look at the picture of the Bugatti so that you can mimic the outline perfectly.
  3. Add the tires to the vehicle using a circle template with your soft lead pencil. Make sure to make them very thin by drawing a second circle inside of the first circle. Draw in the rear lights and exhaust. Add detail to the intake scoop on the rear portion of the roof of the vehicle.
  4. Draw a circle using your template in the very center of each of the wheels. Make a very light cross with your hard lead pencil to find the center of the wheels. Draw the spokes, shaped like 12 little triangles around the center circle of the wheels. Draw the windows and the side rear-view mirrors with your soft lead pencil.
  5. Draw a half circle over each wheel using your circle template. Freehand the side air vents and add a gas tank to the side if the picture that you are using is from the passenger side–otherwise do not add a gas tank. It's best to freehand this too because the angle makes it an oval rather than a circle.
  6. Put in the details for the front bumper and the bottom side skirting. Finish your drawing by drawing the interior, erasing any extra pencil marks and signing your picture.
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