How To Draw A Ferrari

If you have some creativity and the right tools, learning how to draw a Ferrari is not very hard. The Ferrari that you will learn how to draw is a Ferrari 699 GTO. Ferrari introduced this vehicle in 2010 and it carries a V12 that can reach maximum speeds over 208 miles per hour. With 660 horsepower and Ferrari's ability to create a truly amazing vehicle, this model is Ferrari's street legal race car. Use these steps to learn how to draw a Ferrari.

To draw a Ferrari, you will need:

  • Picture of Ferrari 699 GTO
  • 8.5 by 11 inch paper
  • Hard lead pencil
  • Straight Edge
  • Circle template
  • Soft lead pencil
  • Eraser
  1. Find a good image of the Ferrari 699 GTO online. Choose an image of the car at a side angle, preferably white. Draw the guidelines on a piece of horizontal paper, using your hard lead pencil and a straight edge. Make two parallel horizontal lines for the bottom and side of the vehicle and then free-handing a large oval in the center. Add two half ovals for the front and rear guidelines.
  2. Connect the front and rear oval with the center oval with slanted lines that will make up the front and rear windshield. Draw the wheel wells using your circle template. Add in the side windows and the side vents, using your guidelines and the picture as your guide.
  3. Draw two lines in a cross-shape, where each wheel should be, with your straight edge. Where the lines meet will be the center of the wheels. Draw the wheels using your circle template. Add in the side skirt details and front pockets near the hood.
  4. Finish your Ferrari by adding in all the small details such as headlights, side lights and the five-spoke wheel. You will also need to add the door handle and the rearview mirrors. Go over the entire drawing with your soft lead pencil, darkening the lines that are part of the finished drawing and ignoring the guidelines. Erase excess guidelines and sign your Ferrari picture.
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