How To Draw A Foul In Basketball

In order to become a better all-around player, it is vital to learn how to draw a foul in basketball.  Being able to draw a foul will allow you to get to the free throw line more often.  It will also help in getting fouls on the other team, which is useful for getting closer to the bonus and allowing players to foul out more quickly.

  1. Practice the pump fake.  The pump fake represents the best way to get your player up in the air.  If your opponent believes you will take the shot, you will be very successful in drawing the foul.  Make sure you practice the pump fake well and often.
  2. Take advantage of the airborne opponent.  If a player jumps in the air on a pump fake, you need to learn how to jump into the player.  This will draw the foul in most cases, giving you an easy two shots.
  3. Recognizing the reach in.  Another great way to draw a foul is to realize when a player is reaching in when you're ready to shoot.  This works when the player has a hand over your arms, or anywhere where it would impede your ability to take a shot.  When you recognize this, immediately go into your shooting motion, where the foul should be called when contact occurs.
  4. Using aggressive one-on-one moves.  The most "normal" way to draw a foul (without our "Reggie Miller moves") is to be aggressive when driving to the basket.  Being careful not to draw a charging foul, you will be rewarded for physical play sometimes.
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