How To Draw A Lamborghini

Learning how to draw a Lamborghini might be an aspiration of yours, if you are passionate about super cars like the Lamborghini. The Lamborghini Diablo is a classic icon for this company's lineup, although it stopped production in 1998. With it's signature vertical doors and 492 horsepower, 202 miles per hour top speed, the Diablo makes for one of the best Lamborghinis to learn how to draw.

To draw a Lamborghini, you will need:

  • Picture of Lamborghini Diablo
  • Hard lead pencil
  • 8.5 by 11 inch paper
  • Circle template
  • Straight edge
  • Soft lead pencil
  • Eraser


  1. Locate a picture of a Lamborghini Diablo without a rear wing, at a side angle. Use your freehand skills and draw the outer frame of the vehicle with a hard lead pencil on a horizontal sheet of paper. You can use a circle template for the wheel wells and a straight edge for the bottom of the vehicle.
  2. Look at your picture and draw the bottom of the side windows and the bottom of the front windshield. The angles of the Diablo make this vehicle a very easy Lamborghini to learn how to draw. Add tires by using your circle template.
  3. Draw two lines perpendicular to each other in the center of the tires. Where these lines meet is the center of the wheel. Draw in the rim by using your circle template to make a smaller circle inside of the tire. Add in detail to the rim, by free-handing it.
  4. Draw the side mirrors and fog lights at the front of the vehicle. Draw a horizontal line about one-fourth of the way up from the bottom of the car. This will form the basis of the signature Lamborghini air vent.
  5. Add detail to the air vent to complete it. Draw the tops of the side windows as well as the rear vent behind the side windows. Sharpen the edges of the front and rear bumper.
  6. Outline all of your detail lines with a soft lead pencil. Erase guidelines and sign your picture.
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