How To Draw Tattoos

What a cool way to make up a new design by learning how to draw tattoos. There are a million ways to do it and a million design to play around with. Drawing a tattoo isn't much different than drawing a piece of artwork.  Except one will potentially be tattooed onto someone's body and one will just be a fun, unique piece of artwork.

Here Are a Few Things You Will Need to Draw Tattoos (you won't necessarily need all of them):

  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Henna
  • paint brushes
  • stencils
  • craft foam
  • blade/scissors
  • paper
  1. Ink tattoo With black ink or your choice of color, use ink to design a tattoo. Your body part is your canvas. Unless you start your tattoo on paper.
  2. Paint is a way to learn how to draw tattoos. You choose what ever colors you want, and paint your tattoo on thick poster board paper, paper intended for paint, or directly to the intended body part.
  3.  Beginner of art If you are a total novice when it comes to art, you will want to practice finding a picture in a magazine, or a photo to practice learning how to draw a tattoo from.  One way is to have the picture and your paper side-by-side, looking at the picture, then trying to draw as best you can. This takes practice.
  4. Trace a picture for inspiration on learning how to draw a tattoo. You could place your paper right over a picture and trace it.  This is JUST for practice on how to draw a tattoo, otherwise it wouldn't be unique once you make your actual tattoo.
  5. Be bold For the more brave, go for it. Experiment and make up designs on your arms or your hands to learn how to draw a tattoo. Henna has loads of designs you could play with. Or get craft foam from the craft store, and scissors, or a blade. Cut out your design, place it on your skin and fill in your design with any of the mentioned mediums.


This only shows a few of many ways to learn how to draw a tattoo, create designs, and get inspiration. Plus, we've learned how to draw a tattoo if we've never drawn before. So go for it, make and create that tattoo. Whether it starts on paper or the tattoo goes on the same body part repeatedly getting erased to start again for practice.

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