How To Draw Tribal Tattoos

Want to learn how to draw tribal tattoo designs? Many people like to go to their tattoo with a sketch of the tattoo they have in mind. A tribal tattoo is a design that is created in a pattern with shapes and figures. While some of them are very intricate they are all made with the same basic technique so once you get that down all it takes is practice.

Things needed to draw tribal tattoo designs:

  • A sharp pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Examples of other tribal tattoo designs (you can get these offline)
  • Black fine tip marker
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  1. Draw out your basic shape. The simplest tribal designs are waving or twisting lines. You can also do more complex shapes and even flowers, dragons and skulls.
  2. Now thicken up the design. To do this draw lines opposite the existing ones. How thick you make your tribal tattoo design is up to you. Typically tribal tattoo designs for men are thicker than the ones for women.
  3. Check the sketch for balance. You may decide to add a few extra lines. Remember to try and keep it simple.
  4. Add same details. Now that you have the basic shape you can embellish it with detail. Some common details for a tribal tattoo design are spikes and swirls.
  5. Trace around the whole design with the black fine tip marker.  Now erase the pencil marks.
  6. If you wish, use the colored pencils to embellish the design with color. Traditionally tribal tattoo designs are completely black but many recent trends involve adding some bright bold colors.
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