How To Dress Like A 1970’s Skateboarder

Since vintage is making a comeback, every skateboarder should know how to dress like a 1970's skateboarder. It isn't enough just to know how to skateboard, you should also know how to dress the part. The best part about dressing up like a 1970's skateboarder is that most of the clothing can be bought at thrift and discount stores, saving you lots of money.

To dress like a 1970's skateboarder, you will need

  • A Skateboard
  • Cash
  • Access to thrift stores and hairdressers (you could cut your hair at home too)
  1. To start, you should know how to skate. There's no point learning how to rock the 1970's skateboarder look unless you actually know how to use a skateboard. Take lessons, read books, practice – whatever it takes to give you some skill on the skateboard. If you already know your way around a skateboard, move on to step 2.
  2. You should start with the hair. As the 1970's was the birth of the punk scene, most self expression took place with the hair. You should dye your hair black, and wear it short (unlike traditional skateboarders). Add a few bright streaks of color, too. If you have light hair and don't wish to dye it black, simply add streaks of dark colors (black, dark green or dark blue).
  3. When dressing up, wear a plain, baggy T-shirt, preferably in a dull color that isn't too bright. Some brands cater specifically to the taste of skateboarding punks, so you should check your local outlets. If it's cold outside, you could don a hoodie, too. For a bottom, wear jeans (never shorts). The jeans could be skinny or baggy, but shouldn't hang too low – and they should be dark blue or black.
  4. The shoes create the outfit. Remember, 1970's skateboarders always wore Vans. Buy a few pairs of Vans, in any color or pattern, as this just screams "skate punk."
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