How To Dress Like Ashton Kutcher

Knowing how to dress like Ashton Kutcher is achievable if you are the tall, dark, and handsome type. Well, maybe you don’t have to be all these things to dress like Ashton, but he obviously is doing something right judging by all the loyal female fans that he’s got chasing him. Not to mention, he is married to one of the hottest women alive, Demi Moore. Ashton truly has a style of his own, and a laid back personality that women find very charming. Dressing like Ashton can be done with a couple of important style tips.

  1. Shaggy hair. Dress like Ashton Kutcher by sporting the shaggy hair. Ashton has a full mane that he will usually keep down and messy, or wear a hat over it. When he is out on the town with wife Demi Moore, Ashton will style it was mouse, and finish with hair spray to keep it in place.
  2. Jewelry. Dressing like Ashton will require a man to wear jewelry. He is seen wearing chunky bracelets, watches, and simple necklaces that are very casual. Layer the bracelets, and wear one necklace to achieve this look.
  3. Jeans. Jeans are definitely a part of Ashton’s wardrobe. The jeans shouldn’t be to snug and look a little worn, or distressed.
  4. Sneakers. To dress like Ashton Kutcher wear sneakers. He has dozens of sneakers that are fashionably comfortable. Pair them with jeans, or cargo pants to copy his look.
  5. Cardigans. Ashton is seen wearing cardigans often. Usually with jeans, or a nice pair of slacks. The cardigan can be cotton, or knit. Buttons on the front of the cardigan are very stylish and make the cardigan more functional.
  6. Sweaters. Dress like Ashton Kutcher by having lots of sweaters in your closet. Ashton loves sweaters and likes to layer them over the top of a long sleeved button up collared shirt. It’s a very casual preppy look that Ashton wears well.
  7. Slacks. For a dressier look Ashton will wear slacks with dress shoes and a nice sweater, or cardigan. To dress like Ashton Kutcher keep the color of slacks neutral. The fit of the slacks should be straight leg and fitted to show off the figure.
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