How To Dress Like Axl Rose

It's no wonder people want to know how to dress like Axl Rose. He is a rock and roll legend as the lead singer for Guns N' Roses and has a very unique sense of style. And don't forget how amazingly sexy he is… well, he was in the '80s, anyway.

  1. The bandana. The bandana is an Axl Rose must have. He's been seen in blue, red, white and orange bandanas which he wears tied around the top of his head over his long hair.  So if you really want to look like Axl, you might want a wig too. Of course, if you're into modern Axl Rose, then you'll want cornrows instead. Yeah, we don't get it either. 
  2. The shirt. This could be done several different ways. You could wear a ripped up T-shirt, a T-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, a regular T-shirt, a sport coat (with or without a shirt underneath), a collared button up, a vest, a union jack jacket, a vest or a leather jacket. It all depends on what kind of Axl you want to portray and how in shape you might be. For a classic Axl Rose look, for those of you who may be shaped similarly to him, we suggest an open leather vest sans shirt.  For those of you not shaped like Axl, we suggest a black T-shirt under a black leather jacket.
  3. The bottoms. Like the shirts, there's a wide variety of bottoms to choose from when dressing like Axl Rose. There's jeans, leather pants, black pants, (unfortunately) short shorts, and for the most adventurous- a kilt. We suggest the leather pants.
  4. Other accessories. If you really want to dress like Axl Rose, here are a few accessories to round off the outfit: black boots, big sunglasses, long necklace, bracelets, temporary arm tattoos, and some rings.
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