How To Dress Like Bob Dylan

Who doesn't want to know how to dress like Bob Dylan? Bob Dylan is one of the most respected and idolized musicians in the world. His songs constantly top greatest songs of all time lists and pictures taken of him have become iconic portraits that symbolize the essence of music. It is no wonder that many people aspire to sound like him, write like him, play like him, and even look like him. The following are some tips on how to look and dress like Bob Dylan.

  1. Bob Dylan Hair. The perfect Bob Dylan ensemble includes the well-known Dylan coif. The colloquial term for this hairstyle is the Jew fro, but big hair is a must in your quest for resembling Bob Dylan.
  2. Sunglasses. Bob Dylan was rarely ever seen without his signature Ray Ban sunglasses. Vintage or modern black Ray Bans will do the trick, and you can get them for cheap.
  3. Classic Blazer. When Dylan wanted a sophisticated artist look, he opted for a tailored blazer. Paired with a button-down shirt and some black jeans, folk singing has never looked better. The greatest thing about this look? It will never go out of style. Dylan has been seen wearing different versions of this outfit his whole career.
  4. Grandpa Sweater. While Dylan is old enough to be a grandpa now, he wore this sweater style during his time as a young artist as well. These sweaters are also easily found in any thrift or vintage clothing store.
  5. Scarf. Adding a scarf to any outfit will instantly add a Bob Dylan vibe to your look. A houndstooth print scarf will do quite nicely.
  6. Cowboy Hat. As Bob Dylan has gotten older, he has been seen wearing cowboy hats more often. His favorite choice of hat seems to be a black one, paired with a western-style button-down.
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