How To Dress Like Brandon Flowers

Learning how to dress like Brandon Flowers will take a man with great confidence. Brandon Flowers dresses different making him a fashion icon. To dress like Brandon Flowers a man must like outrageous outfits that make a statement. When Brandon Flowers and his band first started out they were a bunch of poor kids that didn’t have any money. Now with their great success, fortune, and fame they like to indulge wearing eccentric clothing on and off stage.

To dress like Brandon Flowers, you will need:

  • Feathers
  • Flashy suits
  • Black eyeliner
  • Tie and vest
  • Black shades
  1. Feathers. To dress like Brandon Flowers a man must not be intimidated by wearing some feathers. On stage Brandon will wear feathers on the shoulders of his suit jackets. In the past Brandon has received a lot of criticism for wearing feathers, but now it’s a part of his style.
  2. Flashy suits. Knowing how to dress like Brandon Flowers will require a man to wear flashy glossy suits. Brandon Flowers takes putting on a show for his fans very seriously. He wears these flashy suits that are in gold or silver tones to make the show more interesting. When Brandon Dresses for a performance he wears costumes that are unusual or bizarre, but they always catch the attention of his fans.
  3. Black eyeliner. Dress like Brandon Flowers by wearing black eyeliner. No, this step can’t be skipped. If a man really wants to dress like Brandon Flowers, he must sport the black eyeliner proudly. Brandon Flowers wears the black eyeliner on and off stage. The eyeliner completely circles all way around the eyes.
  4. Jeans. To dress like Brandon Flowers wear jeans that are snug fitting and washed out. Make sure the jeans are not baggy and don’t look brand new.
  5. Tie and vest. Dressing like Brandon can be achieved by wearing a tie and a vest. Brandon is often seen wearing a black skinny tie. Pair it with a black vest and a button up collared shirt to complete this look.
  6. Black shades. No rock star is complete without a great pair of shades. Brandon often wears a black pair of sun glasses.  
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