How To Dress Like Bret Michaels

Knowing how to dress like Bret Michaels will take a man that appreciates the rocker look. Bret Michaels has not changed his style in over three decades. Bret Michaels was the leading singer in the '80s rock band Poison. But today you may know Bret Michaels as the star of a reality TV show "Rock Of Love" where women vie to win Bret’s heart. To dress like Bret Michaels dig in the closet, and take a step back in time to the 80s.

To dress like Bret Michaels, you will need:

  • Bandanna       
  • Jewelry
  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hat
  1. Bandanna. To dress like Bret Michaels a man must own a lot of bandannas. White, black, blue, and every color of the rainbow. Bret is never seen without his signature bandanna.
  2. Hair. The hair must be long, and preferably, blond. Finish with a bandanna and you are ready to rock.
  3. Jewelry. Dress like Bret Michaels and wear some gold hoop earrings. They can be different in size depending on a man’s preference. Bret wears big and small hoop earrings all the time.
  4. Eyeliner. Don’t forget the eyeliner. A true rocker will sport the black eyeliner around the eyes proudly.
  5. Shirts. Wear shirts that are snug fitting. Cotton plain tee-shirts that are solid in color work best, or wear a button up collared shirt that is long and keep the first four buttons undone to expose your chest.
  6. Jeans. Dressing like Bret Michaels will require a man to take a cue from the past, and pull the acid washed jeans out of retirement. Wear the bleached, ripped up jeans proudly to dress like Bret Michaels.
  7. Boots. Dress like Bret Michaels and wear a pair of cowboy boots. Pair the boots with a great pair of jeans and complete the look.
  8. Hats. Bret Michaels doesn’t leave the house without a cowboy hat. He wears cowboy hats that are black, brown, and beige. And make sure there is a bandanna worn under the cowboy hat at all times. That is the key!
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