How To Dress For Broadway Show New York

If you are having a big night out in the "Big Apple", you should learn how to dress for a Broadway show in New York. It is no stretch to say that a Broadway show is a must see whenever visiting New York. The iconic street has been part of New York's appeal since the early 20th century and some would consider it a crime not to visit when touring New York. If you have been smart and already bought your tickets to a fabulous Broadway show, here are some tips on what to wear when attending.

  1. Dressy Casual. These two words are your best friend when deciding what to wear to a Broadway show. Whenever you are in doubt in regards to what to wear, always keep this idea in mind.
  2. Suit. That being said, your best option is a classy, tailored suit. Not too dressy, but not too casual, it is the perfect outfit for a Broadway show.
  3. Blazer/Jeans Combo. If you are not a fan of suits or dress pants, another option is the pairing of a blazer and a pair of jeans. While still retaining some of the sophistication of a suit, this look will exude a cool style different from a traditional suit. You can opt for a button-down under the blazer or a t-shirt of your choice.
  4. Cardigan/Dress Pants Combo. This look is similar to the previous one, yet slightly reversed. If you really want to add some class into the mix, wear a tie and a button-down under the cardigan.
  5. Tuxedo. This look is only for the most sophisticated, most daring of Broadway show attendees. However, a tux has a huge impact and will definitely have you exuding style for the whole night.
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