How To Dress Up Like Chef For Occupational Day

Do you want to know how to dress up like a chef for occupational day? With the popularity of celebrity chefs like Jaques Torres or Emeril Lagasse and British chef Jamie Oliver, becoming a chef is now cool, so how do you dress like a chef for occupational day at your child’s school?

Traditionally, chefs wore all white with a tall hat that resembled the top layer of a wedding cake.  If tradition is what you want, then perhaps that is what you should wear, but if you want to portray the newer “hip” chef’s styles on occupational day, then the sky’s the limit.

Regardless of what type of pants you choose, from jeans to scrubs there are just a few wardrobe rules that you must follow to portray a chef on occupational day:

  1. Get yourself a classic double-breasted jacket. There are short sleeved shirts and tee shirts available but the classic double-breasted jacket is a must when dressing as a chef.
  2. Wear an apron.   Even if you wear the classic jacket, and certainly if you opt not to wear a jacket, an apron is a must.
  3. Headgear is a must.   If you actually are a chef then you understand that headgear is not only for appearances but is a sanitary requirement when cooking for the public.  

Tip: While the classic "cake topper" is still available, there are many other types of headwear available to chefs for occupational day. These include:

  • classic togue (which looks something like a soufflé)
  • chef band (looking perhaps like Indian headgear)
  • chef wrap (if you’re the biker type) and 
  • baseball cap (self explanatory) 

Chef ware comes in many colors, but to be easily seen as a chef, go with the classic white. Cleanliness is a must when working as a chef and even if worn over jeans, a clean white jacket will go a long way toward making you easily recognized as the famous chef you are!

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