How To Dress Like Colin Farrell

How to dress like Colin Farrell will take a man with confidence. Colin Farrell is a very secure with his looks. His style has not changed much over the years; he truly makes whatever he puts on look good. Colin is from Castleknock, Ireland, and has been acting for years now, but started out as a model. He has dated many leading ladies and enjoys a night out on the town, and a good pint of Guinness. Dressing like Colin Farrell can be achieved by possessing self-confidence and a charming attitude.

  1. Hats. A good hat is almost always seen on Colin Farrell. Dress like Colin by owning a couple of great hats.  He wears a beanie or a Fedora on top of his thick black hair. Wear hats with a great suit or a basic pair of blue jeans.
  2. Jeans. Colin knows how to rock a great pair of blue jeans, almost always fitted and showing off his figure. Women enjoy looking at a man who knows how to wear a pair of blue jeans. Colin Farrell also wears jean jackets often. The color of the jean jacket doesn’t have to perfectly match the jeans you’re wearing. The more distressed the jeans look, the better.
  3. Jewelry. Some men feel awkward wearing jewelry. If you want to dress like Colin Farrell you must accessorize with jewelry. Colin makes wearing jewelry look very masculine. You need to layer two or more necklaces that hang low on the chest. Colin is seen wearing hoop earrings in both ears; they are small and usually gold. Wear chunky bracelets, and rings on both hands.
  4. Suits. Wow, this guy can really clean up nicely. Dress like Colin Farrell by owning a couple nice suits. Colin wears them in the day and evening. For the day wear the jacket with a casual shirt and a fitted pair of blue jeans. At night wear a nice fitted suit accompanied with a tie. Slick your hair back and you are on your way to dressing like Colin Farrell.
  5. Rugged and unshaven. A man that wants to dress like Colin Farrell must sport some facial hair. It’s part of his rugged and charming look. Women go wild for Colin’s masculine mustache and goatee. To dress like Colin don’t shave the whiskers.
  6. Layered Clothing. Dress like Colin Farrell by layering your clothing. Wear shirts that can be layered, and roll up long sleeves right below the elbow. Keep the clothing casual and have fun with color. Be confident in whatever you are wearing, if you want to dress like Colin Farrell.
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