How To Dress Like A Cowboy

Have you always wanted to dress like a cowboy? Perhaps you want to start a new personal style, or maybe you just want to dress like a cowboy for Halloween this year. It’s not difficult at all. Here is how to do it.

You will need:

  • Cowboy hat
  • Leather belt with buckle
  • Leather cowboy boots
  • Bolo tie with clasp
  • Long-sleeved, button-up shirt
  • Tight-fitting pants

How to dress like a cowboy:

  1. Find yourself an authentic cowboy hat. You will often find one made of wool felt or straw at a local thrift shop. Dress like a real cowboy: wear the wool hat to keep your head warm in the winter or a straw one to shade the summer sun.
  2. Buy or borrow a pair of cowboy boots. They generally come in gray, black, or brown-try to match your hat. Throw on a leather belt with a huge silver buckle for good measure to dress like a genuine cowboy.
  3. Find your most worn-out, tight-fitting pants. Dig in the back of your closet; they need not be clean in order to dress like a cowboy.
  4. Purchase a long-sleeved, button-up shirt. It should have two breast pockets and should be wrinkle-free. To dress like a cowboy, it can be solid, striped, or plaid; flannel is good for the cooler seasons.
  5. Finally, throw on a bolo tie. This is a cord with a decorative clasp that goes around the neck, like a tie. This is a must when you are dressing like a true cowboy.
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