How To Dress Like Daniel Craig

How to dress like Daniel Craig will not be a difficult task. Daniel Craig is best known for his role as James Bond, but the ladies seem to like him for his sense of style, piercing blue eyes, and his assertive personality. Dressing like Daniel Craig can easily be achieved by reading these helpful style tips. By wearing suits in the evening or casual wear during the day any man can look as dashing as Daniel Craig.

  1. Jeans. Wearing dark fitted blue jeans is a part of Daniel Craig’s day look. Dressing like Daniel Craig can be done by owning a couple pair of jeans, accompanied with a black fitted t-shirt.
  2. T-Shirts. It’s nice to know that a man that can pull off the James Bond look can also dress casual as well. A man doesn’t have to wear a formal black suit and tie twenty four seven to dress like Daniel Craig. Wear casual shirts in cotton material with a great pair of jeans. The shirts should be solid in color.
  3. Jackets. Dressing like Daniel Craig will require a great fitted, casual jacket. The jacket should be waist length and fitted to show off the figure. Choose a black colored jacket that has a zipper in the front and a simple collar.
  4. Suits. Dress like Daniel Craig by stocking a wardrobe with some great fitted suits. The suits should be very classic looking. Black jacket, and pants, with a button up white collared dress shirt underneath. A black tie to complete the look, and you have Daniel Craig’s signature look.
  5. Don’t overdo the jewelry. Daniel Craig is a classy guy that is very sophisticated. Other than wearing cuffs on your suit, or a nice watch, jewelry should be worn sparingly. To dress like Daniel wear jewelry that is in gold tones.
  6. Hair. Daniel knows how to dress to impress, especially when it comes to impressing the ladies. His hair is always styled very perfectly. Keep it short, clean cut, and combed to the side for a classic masculine look.
  7. Belts. Dress like Daniel Craig by refining your masculine wardrobe with a great belt. Daniel always dresses very polished and pulled together. The belt will help to complete any outfit whether it’s casual, or dressy.
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