How To Dress Like David Beckham

Knowing how to dress like David Beckham can be achieved. David Beckham is a superstar soccer player. He moved to America with his gorgeous wife and children in 2007, and has been a huge celebrity ever since. To dress like David Beckham a man will need to dress a little preppy and sporty. David models and has a lean muscular figure, thanks to all the time spent on the soccer field. Dressing like David Beckham can be done by reading these six short steps below.

  1. Hats. Dress like David Beckham by sporting some hats. David is almost always seen wearing a knit hat. David will also wear ball caps, but generally will be seen wearing a black or gray knit cap or hat.
  2. Hoodie Jackets. Dress like David Beckham by wearing a hoodie jacket. David will often be seen wearing a zip up hoodie jacket or a pull over hoodie. They are sometimes knit or cotton material. This is a very casual, but preppy, look that David is comfortable wearing.
  3. Scarves. Not every man can wear a scarf and still look masculine, but David Beckham looks very manly while dressing in scarves accompanied by jackets or large sweaters. The scarf should be wrapped around the neck a couple of times very loosely.
  4. Jeans with belts. To dress like David wear a great pair of blue jeans. The color of denim should be a darker color. The jeans shouldn’t be too tight or distressed looking. Wear a belt with them and you are on your way to dressing like David Beckham.
  5. Sunglasses. David Beckham is seen with sunglasses all the time. Even if the sun is not out shining, David will have his designer sun glasses tucked on the collar of his shirt, just in case. To dress like David,, always keep a great pair of shades handy.  
  6. Cardigans. David has been seen wearing cardigans tied around his waist. They are a part of his preppy look. If you want to dress like David Beckham wear cardigans often. They are usually knit and neutral in color.
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