How To Dress Like David Bowie

David Bowie is an extremely well-known music and film icon.  However, every avid Bowie fan also knows that he is a well-known fashion icon.  David Bowie has also gone through many stages with his clothing and his certain looks as his music has changed.  Here are some tips and hints on how to dress like David Bowie.

  1. Bold Colors and Prints One thing David Bowie is not known for is being subtle.  Many of his outfits combine bright colors with attention-getting prints.  For instance, he once wore a velour suit which had a head to toe, red and blue paisley print. To dress like David Bowie, you can't be afraid to go crazy with colors and prints, or both.
  2. Tailored Suits While David Bowie does have his wacky fashion sense, he also knows how to keep it classy.  Many of his outfits have featured a sophisticated, tailored suit, complete a handkerchief in his breast pocket. However, he does mix up this classic piece on some occasions, wearing a suit with a funky cut, a vest instead of a jacket, or a bright, non-traditional color, like sea foam green.
  3. Leather Jacket No rock/pop icon is complete without a sexy leather jacket, and David Bowie is no different.  A leather jacket is a timeless piece that will never go out of style.
  4. Cuffed Sleeves and Pants In David Bowie's tamer days, he rocked this British school boy style quite a bit.  This look is easy to achieve, all you need are some dress pants and a dress shirt.  Then, just roll up the sleeves and the pant legs!  To complete the look, you can add some thin suspenders.
  5. Funkiness Of course, no David Bowie outfit is complete without some of his signature funkiness.  You can achieve this by finding a quirky coat at a vintage store, or maybe substituting a plain white button down shirt with a printed shirt.  David Bowie was never afraid to try anything, which is the most important styling tip.
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