How To Dress Like Drake

How to dress like Drake is easy if you know the right clothing to wear to copy the hip-hop star's fashionable style. Just like fellow rappers, Kanye West and Lil' Wayne, Drake bring his own element of style that millions of fans emulate all over the world. Look similar to Drake following these easy steps, even if you are on a budget.

  1. Hoodies. Drake is frequently seen wearing black zipped hoodies in videos or press photos, so to dress likes Drake, you can purchase a hoodie from any store. This is a low-key look without looking flashy, yet it is popular and fashionable at the same time.
  2. Crewneck tees. Crewneck tee shirts are basic tee shirts that go under a nice jacket, including letter jackets or a jean jacket, that Drake normally wears. Buy the crewneck shirt short sleeved and in basic colors like, black, white or grey or any favorite color you love. The crewneck tee paired with a black vest adds extra flavor to the style.
  3. Buttoned shirt. Sometimes Drake does not always rock those crewneck tees; go for a nice simple buttoned up shirt for a classic, modern look. Wear it with your favorite casual pants, preferably in black.
  4. Jeans. Just like many hip hop artists, Drake wears relaxed fit or slim straight jeans that gives a mixture appearance of slightly loose jeans without it being baggy or too straight legged. Drake usually wears these jeans with the combination of tees, hoodies, vests and leather jackets.
  5. Shoes. Drake alternates his footwear according to his outfit. The rapper can be spotted wearing Air Jordans or Red Wing Boots with his outfits. His Air Jordans are usually a limited edition and rare kind, but you can buy similar ones at any sporting shoe store.
  6. Accessories. Drake completes his entire wardrobe with nice jewelry–usually a watch on the wrist or elevates his coolness with a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. At times, Drake has anecklace around his neck with his crew neck tees.
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