How To Dress European

After reading ample of European fashion magazines, you may want to learn how to dress European without breaking the bank. The key to dress European is to emulate styles from London, Paris, or Milan, as they are widely recognized as some of the most fashionable cosmopolitans. 

  1. Shoes. Do not wear flip-flops or sneakers, unless you are going to the beach or the gym. On the other hand, do not be overtly dressy and wear stilettos all the time. Classic ballet flats and kitten heels are appropriate for everyday wear if you want to dress European. Nice leather engineer boots can also help create a chic European outfit. 
  2. Skirts. A lot women in Paris wear beautiful skirts of a great variety of patterns and lengths. If you have a shorter build, consider wearing a fitted pencil skirt of a bright pattern. However, if you are tall, you will be able to pull off a long skirt with a Bohemian twist. In winter, pair the skirt with wool tights and a pair of long leather boots. 
  3. Jeans. To dress European, you will need in invest in several pairs of dark skinny jeans. Make sure that they are fitted. You may dress them up by pairing the jeans with an elaborated blouse and patent heels.  For a casual weekend, wear a button-down shirt and a cute pair of flats. 
  4. Cardigans. Lightweight cardigans and simple V-neck sweaters are necessary if you want to dress European. Cardigans will instantly make your outfit look more sophisticated. You can simply wear a camisole underneath it. However, remember not to match the color of your top with that of the cardigan. 
  5. Accessories. Londoners and Parisians accessorize  a lot with scarves, belts, and jewelry. Wear either very delicate jewelry such as pearl and diamond, or bold ones like big earrings and necklaces with eye-catching plastic beads. To dress European, you should have in your closet belts of different width. Thin belts are good for a slightly more formal occasions when you are wearing a cardigan. Thicker belts, on the other hand, work well on loose tops and dresses to cinch your waist to create a lean silhouette. 

Tips: Avoid clothing that exposes an excessive amount of skin. Also, do not try copying an entire outfit from catalogs or fashion magazines; mix and match with the items you have to create a unique style. You may shop at thrift stores and vintage clothing stores instead of purchasing brand name items.  Observe how Europeans dress when you are walking down the street.

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