How To Dress Like A Gangsta Skater

Wouldn't it be great to know how to dress like a gangsta skater? Instead of dressing like every other dude out there, you can try to dress like a gangsta skater. Who knows? Maybe the ladies will notice your gruff, street-savvy style and gravitate towards you like a moth to a flame.

Here's what you need to dress like a gangsta skater:

  • Dark, over-sized clothing
  • Expensive sneakers
  • Flashy jewelry
  1. Take notes. If you are absolutely clueless about how to dress like a gangstas, it is best to watch movies and music videos that feature gangstas. Some movies that feature gangstas are "Boyz n' da Hood" and "Menace to Society." Watch music videos by the rap group NWA to see the key pieces of clothing they wore.
  2. Find clothes that are above your normal size. Gangstas don't normally wear clothes that are tight fitting. They especially like loose shorts or jeans that may hang below the waistline. Make sure you wear decent underwear when aiming for the gangsta skater look.
  3. Wear dark colors. You never see gangstas with neon or pastel colors on. They usually have a low-key attitude so this is reflected by their choice to wear dark colors such as red or black.
  4. Wear expensive sneakers. Gangstas like to show off their status by what they wear on their feet. It's okay to splurge and buy an expensive pair of name brand shoes. Make sure they match with the shirt you are wearing.
  5. Avoid patterns. This rule is similar to the dark color rule. Ganstas like to make a statement by keeping it simple. Patterns such as stripes, argyle and plaid take away from the seriousness of the gangsta style.
  6. Accessorize with flashy jewelry. Another way to show your wealth and status is through flashy jewelry. It doesn't necessarily have to be diamond, gold or platinum, but it is best if it is shiny and large.
  7. Don't overdo it! If you watch too many gangsta movies and music videos, you may go overboard with the fashions. Most people will think you are trying too hard and you may come across as tacky.
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