How To Dress Like George Clooney

Learning how to dress like George Clooney will require a distinguished, confident man. George Clooney was voted the sexiest man alive, so it’s no surprise that men want to know how to dress like this modern day James Bond. George is one of Hollywood’s leading actors and people can’t seem to get enough of him. Dressing like George can be done with a little charm, charisma, and class. It seems that the older he gets the more attractive he is to women. Keep reading and learn how to dress like George Clooney.

  1. Suits. Dress like George Clooney by wearing fitted suits. George is always looking dashing in a matching fitted suit. Black jacket and pants with a white collared button up shirt underneath the jacket is his signature look.
  2. Wear black and white. George is seen in these colors all the time. Even if he is wearing simple black slacks or a casual white button up shirt. Black and white are two of his favorite fashion colors, and he wears them often. Dressing like George Clooney will require a man to wear clothes that are black and white.
  3. Button up shirts. Even when George Clooney isn’t on the red carpet, he is wearing a button up shirt that is tucked in neatly. He is always looking polished and put together. Dress like George Clooney by stocking your closet with fashionable button up shirts with a collar.
  4. Gray Hair. A signature look George Clooney is known for is his gray hair. This silver fox has women drooling over his distinguished hair. Dressing like George can be accomplished by showing off a little gray. Women seem to find it very sexy.
  5. Clean cut. Dress like George Clooney with sophisticated clothing that has a polished clean-cut look. George always looks like he steps out of “GQ” magazine, very dashing.
  6. Jackets. Dressing like George can be done by wearing a stunning jacket. Even if it’s during the day he will be seen with a fitted blazer or jacket that is perfectly tailored. Accompany the jacket with a casual pair of slacks and a belt to complete the look.
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