How To Dress Glam Metal

Whether looking for an accurate costume for a party or starting a Winger cover band, someday you may need to add how to dress glam metal to your knowledge base. While normally it would just be easy for you to image search for "poor decisions from the 1980s" to get enough examples of glam metal dress, nowadays, that might come up with a few pages of Ronald Reagan photos, so it is just easier to come here. Anything mentioned in this how to guide for dressing glam metal should be available at local thrift stores, consignment shops, retro boutiques and your older cousin's basement.

  1. The hair. Starting from the top down, the hair may be the most important part for authenticity. While you may be tempted to go to a costume store and buy the closest wig that looks like something a band member from Poison would have worn, it may be just as easy to work with your own natural locks. You'll want to tease it or perm it until it is high enough that it makes walking through doorways a major difficulty. Also, make sure you use enough hairspray that you might need to purchase a carbon offset just to make yourself feel better afterwards.
  2. The clothing. Tight, sparkling and spandex. Those are the three main tenets that you will have to adhere to. Your shirt should be skin tight and distressed. It can contain either band names or be covered in shiny material, whichever you prefer. Another good move would be to wear a fishnet shirt or cut off T-shirt with some sort of flashy jacket. The louder the better. For pants, spandex is your friend. Animal print is even more your friend. Nothing actually needs to match as much as it needs to be flashy and borderline obnoxious. For footwear, colorful cowboy boots are really your best option. Dressing glam metal is about getting attention, and the more ridiculous, the more attention you get.
  3. Accessorize. For accessories, you want to wear as many bandanas, chains and pins as you can fit onto your person. It needs to sound like a team of skeletons or an out of tune band is following you around when you walk. Fake, bright jewelry is another great idea. Also, regardless of your gender, to truly dress glam you will need to slather on makeup as if you were spackling a wall.


There you have it, you are now on your way to emulating the glam metal stars of the past. For extra credibility, learn a few rock ballads on guitar. You only need to know a few chords for them anyway.

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