How To Dress Like A Goth

If you want to darken your image, you’ll want to know how to dress like a Goth. The look is all about contrasting with more traditional clothing styles. It will also take some attitude to appear like a true Goth. Show your indifference toward tradition and embrace your nonconformist side.

To dress like a Goth, you’ll need:

  • White makeup
  • Eyeliner
  • Hair dye
  • Hair gel
  • Black clothes
  • Black boots
  • Metal jewelry
  1. Apply white makeup over your face to achieve a ghastly pale complexion. It’s okay if it stands out as unnatural, but make sure not to cake it on too much. Accent your Goth look by applying eyeliner over your eyelids. If you’re feeling particularly wild, put on black lipstick as well.
  2. Dye your hair if you want to dress like a Goth. Common Goth hair colors include black, red, and dark purple. You can stick with one color or streak it. Apply gel to your dyed hair and either spike it or smooth it super straight against your head.
  3. Dress the part by wearing all black. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an extravagant costume. Try a tight black shirt and black pants paired with a long black trench coat. Don’t forget, however, to buy yourself some black boots; the more militant and clunky the better.
  4. Accessorize like a true Goth. To dress like a Goth and complete the ensemble, you’ll need some jewelry. Try wearing various pieces of metallic jewelry, from spiked collars to large Gothic-style crosses to simple silver chains. Let your personality show by picking out your favorite unique pieces of jewelry.
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