How To Dress Like A Greaser

Do you want to dress like a greaser? We all know vintage is in. The 50's inspired look is appealing due to the classic style and toughness. If you want to channel your inner biker and look like a star straight out of  "The Outsiders," and "Rebel Without a Cause,"  you will need to dress the part.

In order to look like a greaser, you will need:

  • Leather jacket
  • Basic jeans
  • Black T-shirt
  • Pomade for hair
  • Hair spray
  • Switchblade comb
  • Motorcycle


  1. Cuff your jeans. Begin by purchasing a pair of fitted jeans. Avoid jeans that are baggy or too skinny. Roll the bottom of your jeans up. Start with an inch section and roll over. Repeat. Roll-up the other side.
  2. Put on your black T-shirt. A greaser wears clothing that fits well. Don't wear an overly small or overly large T-shirt. Black is the most common color for a greaser, but you can also wear other colors like white or grey.
  3. Place your leather jacket on over your shirt. The leather jacket really completes the greaser look. It does not have to be an expensive leather jacket, any leather jacket will work.
  4. Work the greaser hair. Comb hair. Apply a small amount on pomade and slick your hair back. Add a touch of hair spray. Hair is a vital part of being a greaser.
  5. Accessorize. Place the switchblade comb in your pocket as a cool and functional accessory. Pull it out when you need to impress the ladies.
  6. Get the ride. If you really want to play the greaser role, hop on a hot motorcycle. Offer to take the girls for a ride on the back of your bike.
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