How To Dress To Impress Women

It is a must for every man to know how to dress to impress women. Remember the old saying, "The clothes makes the man"? First impressions are lasting, so proper attire is essential to impressing women. A man who wants to be in or stay in a relationship with a woman will always be auditioning. A man's clothes will help impress a potential wife of girlfriend and convince her that he is the one and only man for her. Check out the strategy below for ways to impress women with your clothing.

  1. Always over-dress. A shirt, a tie, a pair of slacks and dress shoes are always going to be the best choice, yet most men don't feel comfortable in this attire. Get used to it. It says you are always ready for business and opportunities. You can lose the tie for comfort or wear a sweater instead of a jacket. Always keep your clothes clean and pressed.
  2. Do not wear sports gear unless you are at the gym. Sports gear might send the wrong message; a woman may perceive you as being immature. If you absolutely have to wear sports gear, make sure your body is impressive and looks like you visit the gym on a regular basis.
  3. Stay well groomed. Keep your hair cut, clean and styled at all times. Find at least one good hair product that brings out the natural beauty of your hair. Carry a comb or brush with you wherever you go. If you wear a beard, wear a light one. Wear a nice cologne and wear it very lightly, most men over use fragrances. Always wear a smile; smiling will impress women. Never frown when you are around women, frowning may be taken the wrong way. You may be thought of as being pouty and self centered. If you don't want to smile, just keep a normal face when you are around women.

Remember to always dress to fit the occasion, but to impress, you must go a step or two further. Spend your wardrobe money wisely, shop at outlet stores and even second-hand stores.

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